More Black Americans would question the Democrats

Whatever the latest polls said – that the election of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is inevitable – there has been a trend hardly visible in the mainstream media (MSM) but increasingly visible on the internet and social networks which is that there are Black Americans who question the relevance of continuing to vote for Democrats while not much has changed for many decades, they said.

In August 2016, US Army veteran Leo Dunson explained to Cyceon why he chose to vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump despite the MSM accusing Trump of being a racist. “I’ve personally never heard him say anything racist or bigoted. So once the mainstream media started to attack him as being a racist, this was something I knew wasn’t true,” Dunson said.

Now Dunson is back with a new video clip that, according to Cyceon’s online data monitoring, sums up a burgeoning political sentiment among Black Americans. “Policy for the people, not the lobbyists (…) We’ve got to create more jobs and opportunities,” Dunson sang.

Although a consensus has been reached which says the Republican Party has never been so divided, in fact the Trump campaign may have triggered a long-term evolution from the ancient GOP traditional electorate to a future more diverse electoral base made of Whites but also minorities who overtly question the so-called Democratic monopolization of social, minorities-related issues.

This could be another indication that the traditional Democratic/Republican bipartisan politics could be faltering when millennials get older, ten to twenty years away from now.