6 likely consequences from President Trump

Donald Trump has become the 45th POTUS, however fierce opposition has been from the media, Wall Street and a portion of the bureaucratic apparatus, Italy-based financial advisor Maurizio Giuliani told Cyceon. “This is like a revolution that completed the globalization era. First Brexit, now Trump. It’s been further evidence that the so-called globalist agenda has been deeply questioned for some time with some help from people inside the US ‘Deep State’,” Giuliani added.

As a result of such a dramatic development, the consequences should be significant on the world political and financial scenes. That’s why Giuliani informed his clients about 6 main side-effects:

  1. The dissolution process of the European Union (EU) along with the euro area could accelerate,
  2. Since Hillary Clinton was defeated, the impending risk of a war with Russia has been prevented,
  3. Any further enlargement of NATO is cancelled sine die,
  4. ISIS will be defeated by a joint military action led by the US and Russia, creating conditions for peace in Syria and for drying up Europe-bound “migrants” flows from North Africa,
  5. President Trump will seek to raise customs duties and build tariff barriers, especially with China,
  6. President Trump will seek to restart US economy – and thus the global economy – through a re-building of a strong prosperous middle class.