Back to the Reality with Donald Trump’s victory

Contrary to mainstream media (MSM)’s erroneous and widely spread assertion, Donald Trump’s victory was foreseeable. Former operatives of the US Intelligence Community (IC) and military analysts crafted various scenarios as soon as summer 2015 and underlined a “small but real chance” that Trump could become the next POTUS.

Completing additional data collected in situ by Cyceon, their findings went fully against the dominating scenario that stressed for one year and a half on Hillary Clinton’s inevitable victory. That the hypothesis of Trump’s victory materialized actually signaled a comeback to reality, far more than just a surprise, between the previously expressed will of the people and the final outcome of the vote.

Similarly the willful blindness of MSM failed to undermine the belief of the “silent majority” that was made of an almost equal proportion of Women, in full contradiction with polls. Similarly financial markets will likely positively interpret the “infrastructure rebuilding” plan soon to be started by the new Trump administration with the stated objective of fostering US companies.

Similarly that post-election United States is less divided that one may think with a State within which will now be preferred a return to coherence necessary to the smooth running of National Security. Also, reassessing US relations with some major countries will thus be a return to reality for a better adequacy between the means and the end. The world didn’t collapse, reality just dominated fiction this time.