Difficult recruiting task for Administration Trump?

In New York and Washington DC, information about a difficult political transition has been reported by the media. Any political transition, like that of Barack Obama in 2008, is a sensitive event during which hopes of nomination are disappointed, causing some resentment. Considering the strong profiles who are driving the Trump team, it is likely that personal relationships there are a little more direct than elsewhere, however Cyceon believes it is still too early to talk about real difficulties. In the same way that the Trump campaign has shaken up the usual consensus, the composition of the Trump Administration should also trigger some strong reactions.

By including some prominent people who are representative of all Republican voters (and the GOP) such as ex-candidate Ted Cruz, Cyceon does not doubt that the Trump Administration will match what the Americans voted for, meaning breaking with the usual political environment. However there remains the difficult obstacle of Senate confirmation which is an essential safeguard of American politics having no equivalent in Europe. A total of 4,600 positions are to be filled in the Trump Administration.