First diplomatic challenge for President Trump

In Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has, as usual, taken advantage of the circumstances to launch a large military offensive against the “rebels” and terrorist operatives. Cyceon wondered whether the prior sending of the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier coincided with a possible assessment by the Kremlin concluding that Trump would be elected. However, too much Russian initiative could first weaken Trump, as his political opponents notably in numbers at the State Department quickly denounced “Russian crimes” and the absence of Trump’s reaction who, let’s remind it, has not succeeded Barack Obama yet.

As long as Trump is not in charge, it is simply impossible for him to make any decision about Syria where Bashar al-Assad’s government took the opportunity to express the possibility of a “natural” bilateral cooperation against “terrorists.” On the ground, the operational capacity of Islamist operatives would have reduced substantially, while being bombarded by the Russians and dealt with directly by Western Special Forces in situ. In this context, Europe unfortunately remains a little too much on the sidelines even though its security is primarily concerned.