America’s optimism triggers Markets’ euphoria

In opposition to protests against the election of Republican Donald Trump at the White House, a wave of optimism is running through the United States. From the New York taxi driver to the blue collar of the “Rust Belt” to the CEO of SMEs, it is the desire to build and participate in a more prosperous future that seems to prevail over post-electoral acrimony with a positive impact expected on household consumption for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

While 84% of Americans accept Donald Trump as legitimate president-elect even though he would have lost the popular vote against his rival Hillary Clinton – other sources have disagreed on this point – a Gallup poll showed that about 51% of them are confident in Trump’s ability to assume the presidency against 53% and 54% respectively before the inauguration of Bill Clinton in 1993 and George W. Bush in 2001.

Such enthusiasm is being driven by good macroeconomic indicators that reflect the good health of the US economy with a low unemployment rate, a record high of construction starts for single-family homes, the whole celebrated by record levels for US financial indices.

This positive environment that is contrasting sharply with the gloomy pre-election warnings has closed the period of political uncertainty with the election of a unified government, namely Republican White House and Congress. Donald Trump will officially become commander-in-chief on January 20.