What does investor Warren Buffett fear the most?

Although he has been a stalwart supporter of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the presidential race, legendary investor Warren Buffett thinks that a “wait and see” stance would be fairer and more adequate after Republican nominee Donald Trump has been elected the 45th POTUS. As Trump will be sworn in office on January 20, Trump isn’t actually what Buffett fears the most especially from a financial viewpoint given that Buffett’s conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) has jumped 11% in market value since Election Day.

In a very telling interview with CNN Money, Buffett reassured his fellow Americans by saying he felt 100% optimistic about America after Trump’s win. However, Buffett pointed out, he preferred Clinton because he deemed her more fit to deal with the most evil issue of all that is proliferation. “What person is likely as President to minimize the chances of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) being used?” asked Buffett.

The threat of the use of WMDs that emerged just 71 years ago in 1945 by individuals, groups, even rogue nations will continue to threaten millions of Americans “forever”, the billionaire investor explained, hence the huge importance of the POTUS’ temperament in crisis situations like the Cuban missile’s in October 1962. As soon as 2005, a report issued by the US State Department (DOS) agreed with Buffett assessing that “a successful WMD terrorist attack could result in hundreds of thousands of casualties and produce far-reaching economic and political consequences that would affect all members of the international community.”