Donald Trump tackles hot topics with China

In order to understand foreign and trade policies according to US President-elect Donald Trump, one must not forget that Trump is neither a politician nor a diplomat but a businessman.

His many publications on how to become rich and how to negotiate an agreement can make political analysts smile, but they are full of information that could prove useful in understanding how Trump intends to negotiate “better deals” abroad. China is the country that logically draws the attention of Trump considering that the world’s second largest economic power is at the same time the most important and the most competitive economic partner of the United States.

In response to a protest by the Chinese authorities following a telephone conversation between Trump and the Taiwanese presidency, thus breaking with diplomatic custom in effect since 1979, Trump logically replied by publicly asking whether China had asked the United States’ authorization for the devaluation of the Yuan, for the taxation of American products imported into China or for the construction of a massive military complex in the South China Sea.

Therefore, Trump seems to favor “hard power” which was forgotten long ago in favor of “soft power.”