New evidence of massive espionage between Allies

About a year ago, the French public opinion learned that Germany, Europe’s leading economic power and France’s main partner, was spying on France at the highest level via the BND on behalf of the United States National Security Agency, the NSA. New information distributed via the website The Intercept would detail a specific espionage program led by the NSA and its British counterpart, the GCHQ, to intercept in flight telephone and internet communications of passengers, particularly those of Air France.

According to the NSA which claims that potential terrorists would appreciate traveling with the French air company, it’s therefore likely that significant trade and political data could have been collected. Other documents tackled a vast operation of interception and even redirection of communication flows of African Heads of State and Prime Ministers by the GCHQ. While most targets would be countries having close relationship with the UK, like Kenya or South Africa, it is unlikely that such a program would have excluded African countries where France has many interests. French telecom group Orange could naturally be counted among the operators targeted by British espionage in Africa.