Trump chose the stick over the carrot with China

Even before he’s been sworn in office, US President-elect Donald Trump’s mandate has hit the ground running. Not only has Trump started the fight on his own initiative with Beijing, in line with promises he made while campaigning, but he confirmed his willingness to bring radical – possibly even more radical than expected – change in America’s foreign policy.

Despite CIA officials accusing Russia of having tried to influence the election in Trump’s favor, getting closer to Russia is one big step, however questioning the “One China Policy” on Taiwan – active since the 1992 consensus – is one far bigger step considering the importance of China in global affairs as the world’s second largest economy and the United States’ main trade partner. While Beijing said it is “seriously concerned” over Trump’s words, a growing number of officials in Washington DC have been wondering to what extent Trump could make bold moves on strategic issues.

According to sources in touch with Cyceon, one shouldn’t be too concerned over Trump’s statements, telling that the real surprise is actually that Trump has chosen to mimic China rather than continuing the usual course of US foreign policy “that has failed for decades.” Inside Trump’s mind, they (China for instance) use the stick whenever they wish to, and there’s no reason why the United States has to counterproductively limit itself to the carrot.