Vladimir Putin, the next G7 Summit’s special guest?

President-elect Donald Trump announced ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his nominee for US Secretary of State. Both Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates, two former President George W. Bush’s trusted persons, have recommended Tillerson to Trump, showing that an agreement with Russia and a completely new policy in the Middle East are what most of the conservative political and business circles want.

Tillerson, a man halfway between industry’s captain and geopolitical mediator, understands the Caspian Sea and may know how to solve the problems of Ukraine and Crimea with Russia. The Middle East and the Mediterranean regions are two theaters from which the United States has begun to withdraw from under President Barack Obama through a “scorched earth” strategy.

As a result, Trump seems to opt for neo-isolationism and a more or less orderly withdrawal of the US and accept the international situation that has arisen in recent years, namely the pre-eminence of Moscow in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya. Presumably we think that this new geopolitical situation could be interpreted as a China-containment key.

Europe should therefore take note of this important change to its borders and act accordingly. The 2017 elections will be further proof of the change of geopolitical route. So, at the next G7 summit in Taormina (Italy) on May 26-27, 2017, Putin could well be invited again to the negotiating table; and G7 to become G8 again.

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