ex-CIA Officer tells why Hillary Clinton lost (Part 3)

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Avoid Thought Traps like Confirmation Bias and Mirror Imaging

These are 2 big no-no’s in the intelligence world. The trap of Confirmation Bias gets guys like Stalin almost knocked out of World War Two by invading Nazis – i.e., don’t ignore information which does not support one’s assumptions. History is replete with fallen nations which ignored such writing on the wall – because these states simply did not want to see it. An intelligence officer should never exclusively seek out information confirming his/her opinions.

With the second “thought trap” – Mirror Imaging – persons believe their opponent will act as they would – or act in a predictable manner. Minds are like parachutesthey best work when opened! The Democrats and the complicit mainstream media didn’t get that memo. Democrat leaders and their Mainstream Media (MSM) allies existed in an echo chamber, hearing no dissenting views, consuming skewed polling “data” reflecting desired outcomes rather than facts on the ground.

Reducing Donald Trump and his adherents to a caricature, the Democrats/MSM duopoly continually underestimated Republican tenacity. They believed that the same old gotcha tactics employed against the “stupid party” for generations would hobble their opposition. The Duopoly were sadly mistaken; they failed to understand the true nature of the fed-up electorate and Trump. Not only did the Dems/MSM not adjust tactics – they doubled down on attacks which were becoming increasingly shrill and ineffective.

The ineffectiveness of the anti-Trump media effort was because The Clinton campaign/MSM were trying to operate with the equivalent of a compromised spy network – i.e. the American people had become wise to MSM manipulation and tuned out. This was encapsulated in the attendee choruses of “CNN Sucks” heard at sold out Trump rallies throughout the nation. If one’s agents are compromised, disaster is near.

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This report’s original title is “How Hillary Clinton’s disregard for these rules doomed her candidacy.”

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