China’s economy is rebounding, doesn’t fear Trump

Whatever he says or will say, whatever he does or will do, China and its economy will continue to expand. This is basically the message conveyed by the Chinese authorities over the last couple of weeks after mounting criticism from US President-elect Donald Trump who repeatedly accused China of “unfair trade practices” and “currency manipulation.”

Chinese official websites have put forward foreign media articles that described the outlook on China’s economy as “promising, rebounding and catching up.” China, whose annual GDP growth has dropped from 10.6% in 2010 to just 6.45% expected in 2017, has raised doubt over the reliability of its economic data and its ability to modernize its economy and achieve sustainable growth.

As soon as April 2016, Chinese authorities stressed that no one should ignore the positives and/or doubt Beijing’s resolve to make needed change a reality; facts which were corroborated lately by better than expected PMIs in November 2016.

Unlikely to be granted the status of “market economy” by the upcoming Trump administration, China will focus in 2017 on fostering economic growth in central regions, encouraging more foreign investment, curbing real estate bubble and cutting excess production capacity.