Donald Trump started the West’s political revolution

Donald Trump has been yesterday officially elected the 45th POTUS by the Electoral College. Following the two terrorist attacks that took place on the same day in Ankara (Turkey) with the assassination of Russia’s Ambassador Andrey Karlov and in Berlin (Germany) where dozens have been either killed or wounded while walking through the city’s Christmas market, President-elect Trump reiterated his willingness to “eradicate” the “terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks (…) from the face of the earth.”

In line with his campaign speeches, Trump appointed “hawks” to his administration and does prepare himself to do what he said he would.

Such resolve confirmed the radical change that could happen on the geopolitical scene – potentially vis-à-vis countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar – now that the White House will resolutely engage itself, possibly in cooperation with Russia and “all freedom-loving partners”, to combat “global jihad (that) continually slaughters Christians in their communities and places of worship.”

These Trump’s few words do constitute a true political revolution by themselves with the suspension of political correctness and the comeback of “stick to reality” in US politics. “The civilized world must change thinking,” summarized Trump.

If these developments shouldn’t really impact financial markets, they prefigure a deep contextual change for the four years ahead, with possibly vast political repercussions especially in Europe. Regarding immigration for instance since more than half if not two thirds of the terrorists involved in the attacks that hit Europe entered the Schengen area through the “migrants” influx.

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