500,000 job openings in the Cybersecurity sector

According to the US Department of Commerce, about 500,000 job openings are currently available in the technology sector in the United States and many require cybersecurity skills. The US government believes that such a large job offer reflects a lack of manpower and is therefore a potential loophole for national cybersecurity, that’s why it encourages various initiatives to train new employees and facilitate the recruitment of skilled workers for companies and public services.

Like the TechHire Initiative, organizations are helping employees from other sectors – such as retailing or even catering – get into the cybersecurity sector. Online tools such as CyberSeek, with support from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), put businesses and employees in touch. The demand for cybersecurity skills will only continue to grow, wrote the US Department of Commerce which underlined it’s a sector of strong future growth in which the supply of jobs clearly exceeds demand.