Iran isn’t concerned about Donald Trump, apparently

In addition to the need for business opportunities following the JCPOA signed with the major powers (P5+1) in July 2015 and the lifting of international sanctions in January 2016, Iran has since seemed to accelerate the pace of its trade contacts with major US and European companies.

Pretty soon aware that the successor to US President Barack Obama might be less enthusiastic about the implementation of the “historic agreement,” the Iranian government has endeavored to build long-term potentially highly profitable relationships with big names of the Western industry like the American Boeing and its European competitor Airbus. Energy groups such as French Total have even taken the lead in preparing their “comeback” to the Iranian market ahead of diplomatic developments.

Considering that the US economic sanctions have not been lifted and that the risk exists that the upcoming administration of the new POTUS Donald Trump cancels its signature to the July 2015 agreement or even imposes new sanctions, Iran said it doesn’t worry about possible derailments of trade deals. “We are not concerned, although we should not ignore such a possibility,” summarized Iran’s Deputy Transport Minister Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan.