Iran wants to manufacture, launch its own satellites

“The contract is in final stages. The letter of credit to finance the contract has also been finalized and the work will begin within the next two or three weeks,” said Iran’s minister of information and communications technology Mahmoud Vaezi about three satellites manufactured by “young Iranian experts”. One satellite called Sharif Sat is scheduled for launch by March 2017 and the two others one year later.

Vaezi said the Iranian government it is in touch with Russian and other foreign companies with a view to advancing the manufacturing of remote-sensing and telecommunications satellites. Iran launched its first homemade satellites Omid in 2009 and Fajr in 2015, and such progress has been deemed a “negative development” by the US government that, contrary to other world powers, has refused to lift economic sanctions on Tehran so far.

However, Vaezi’s statement remains too unclear for analysts to determine at what stage the development of Iran’s satellites program is currently.