Some more turbulence’s coming from the Mideast

The United Nations (UN) will see some change past January 20, 2017, promised US President-elect Donald Trump after Resolution 2334 that demands the end of the construction of Israeli settlements was adopted by 14 of 15 UNSC members with just the United States abstaining from voting.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said prior to the vote that the “US should veto the anti-Israel resolution” said he has proof the Obama administration was behind the resolution. In addition to Trump, Netanyahu later received tremendous support from the Republicans including Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain who publicly rejected the UNSC’s move.

Considering 14 UNSC members voted for the resolution, including 4 of 5 permanent members including UK, France, China and Russia, the upcoming Trump administration will likely on this topic take an opposite stance to most of the international community.

As a result, one should expect a rise in tensions in the region between Israel and the United States on the one hand, and Israel’s neighbors like Egypt, Iran on the other hand, possibly impacting the oil prices throughout the year 2017.