ex-CIA Officer tells why Hillary Clinton lost (Part 4)

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Never Believe Your Own BS

CIA Ops Officers are pragmatic glad-handers. I may have stretched the truth sometimes, but never considered myself a “liar” – I will leave that to the politicians. I would never, however, fall in the trap of believing my own BS. In the espionage world, North Koreans are famous for this flaw. They so believe in the Cult of the Dear Leader that if I were to tell a work target of my reverence for the pudgy slimebucket, he might actually accept my sincerity as genuine – much like a Democrat.

How else to explain their Party’s enthusiastic embrace (once Bernie Sanders had been railroaded) of a deeply flawed, dishonest candidate lionized in press releases as some sort of Entitled Queen-in-Waiting? I particularly enjoyed the Hillary Clinton health scare, with her followers strenuously denying any problem to the same degree seen by Soviet mouthpieces swearing to the health of Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko in the 1980s (and we know how that ended).

At the Republican Convention, the Democrat/MSM duopoly continued to drink deeply of its own prevarications and distortions. Democrats promoted the idea of Republican internal discord – a textbook case of psychological projection. I witnessed this disconnect firsthand; viewing MSM coverage in real time in Cleveland, I asked myself after such manipulation if we had been at the same event! Democratic leadership was embracing its own BS.

When gaping tectonic fissures arose within the Democratic Party at Philadelphia, it was quickly smoothed over for the electorate’s consumption – and their leadership believed it as well. Much like the old fairy tale, they had convinced themselves that the Empress indeed had beautiful clothing. Clinton’s lackluster low energy campaigning reflected this hoary Narrative that the campaign “was in the bag” – and Donald Trump’s energy and candor crushed this cynical calculation.

To be continued…

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This report’s original title is “How Hillary Clinton’s disregard for these rules doomed her candidacy.”

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