Trump’s Art of the Deal or non-stop initiative

The President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, often recalls how the 1980s were essential to building his real estate “empire.” At that time, he had chosen to favor a precise tactic in all his “deals”, namely to take the risk – or the advantage – of always being the driving force, at the initiative.

Trump’s style negotiation and art of the deal mainly consist of firm management without ever humiliating deal partners. This is exactly what Trump did with both his Republican majority in Congress and giant automaker Ford. A few words proved strong enough to force Congress not to start its term with a controversial reform of the Independent Ethics Watchdog or to compel Ford to review its Mexican production plans after Trump promised “big border tax” to General Motors for importing to the US its Chevy Cruze model produced in Mexico.

By publicly revealing his intentions, Trump dominated his interlocutors while proposing them an honorable exit. Never before has any US President dared to act so publicly and directly in national business. The still underestimated popularity of Trump should therefore increase significantly.