Considering Syria’s win, Putin sends troops home

“Russian defense ministry has started to reduce military forces deployed in Syria,” allegedly said the Russian military Chief of Staff General Valery Guerassimov. The bulk of the Russian carrier battle group that came into action only about seven weeks ago, including aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, should thus return to his home port. Cyceon drew a few brief conclusions from such development.

This decision confirms the military victory of the Syria-Russia-Iran axis in Syria against terrorist and/or “rebel” groups. It also indicates the confidence of the Russian government in the operational consensus reached with Turkey to contain Ankara’s action in Syria to the stricto sensu defense of Turkish interests and against jihadists, given the growing threat on Turkish homeland security.

Finally, Turkey’s reversal and Russian withdrawal reinforce the in situ exclusion of the United States and Europe in Syria’s political near future. It is also indicative of the confidence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the willingness of his impending new American counterpart Donald Trump to restore useful cooperation between Russia and the United States.

Considering the strengthening of NATO’s military presence in the Baltic countries, the Russian military must also re-dispatch forces as January 20, 2017 is nearing, the day of Trump’s swearing in as the 45th POTUS.