Wrong diagnosis, bad solution for Fake News

In the case of cyber espionage between the United States and Russia, it is not so much the stolen information that worries those who like incumbent US President Barack Obama have denounced it but a whole set of factors able to deeply modify the usual environment.

The ability to exploit information in order to convince a significant portion of the public opinion or to inject it at a specific level / location in order to better spread it toward a specific audience constitutes an Information Operation (IO). More sophisticated than mere disinformation, it basically consists of modifying or planting the information to give it credibility, flow and persuasion.

Within the intelligence community, the Russian government is considered very good in this area. Confronted with such a “threat,” it would therefore be necessary to combat fake news through signaling or blocking. In addition to the possible abuse of such methods against freedom of expression, they should in fact prove to be both ineffective and counterproductive.

Considering that, despite the unanimity of the mainstream media (MSM), the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump did take place it might be more accurate to note that it was probably such unanimity that fostered the upheaval far more than any so-called fake news. Therefore, reversing the cause and effect, MSM and governments are getting it wrong and will increase the strength of so-called alternative news (alt-news).