Briefing – 20,000, White House, Donald Trump, Brexit, Putin

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US stock markets have reached a new record high with the DJIA crossing the mythical threshold of 20,000 points. Optimism on the financial markets contrasts very much with the pessimism forecast in case of the election of Donald Trump to the White House. Now watch out for too much unanimity…

Shock and awe

“Like speeding rockets.” These are the three words one new member of the Trump administration conveyed to Cyceon when asked about the ambiance when the new Presidential team took over the world’s most crucial job this week. Apart from the 70 days between Election Day and Inauguration Day that seemed an eternity, President Trump has even before he sat in the oval office allegedly given work timetable to his administration with deadlines to meet at the risk to hear someday “you’re fired!” Something rarely seen in politics…

Popular vote

A number of articles insisted on Hillary Clinton’s victory over Donald Trump as for the popular vote. As soon as November 9, 2016, Cyceon and its US-based correspondents were doubtful considering that just a look at the United States electoral map, vivid red like the GOP color, seemed unprecedented. Trump affirmed he has proof regarding irregularities that could have given Clinton this “victory”. Without prematurely disclosing our hypothesis, Cyceon confirms that the inconsistencies found so far does indeed support – and objectively – Trump’s claims. For instance, how can one explain places where people voted massively blue for POTUS and red for Congress…?

Brexit, Trump and consequences

Like Brexit, the worst hasn’t happened either with Trump – at least not yet – and Cyceon stresses on the long-term political consequences of the continuation of an a priori so favorable context in the United States and the United Kingdom. Indeed, the temptation is growing everyday bigger for the other European peoples to ask “why not?” in view of the next elections scheduled this spring in France and this fall in Germany. According to Cyceon, this crucial fact is neither understood nor sufficiently taken into account by mainstream (traditional) candidates.

Vladimir Putin

After his military victory in Syria, his diplomatic victory in Turkey, Putin reiterated with a business victory by selling a chunk of Russian oil giant Rosneft to Qatar. Far from putting the fox in charge of the henhouse – Putin will never be a sheep – the Russian president confirmed ties with Qatar that few – if not nobody – imagined they existed. Similarly with Saudi Arabia, the Russian government has managed to get well enough with Qatar and therefore create common interests which will be very useful for the Kremlin, if necessary. Like him or not, Putin is the most brilliant statesman of his generation. In proportion to its means, its economy and its population, Russia is currently a superpower on the world scene, whether Barack Obama agrees or not…