Short-lived anti-Trump “Resistance”

Demonstrations are multiplying, thousands or even millions of demonstrators “are resisting” as the mobilization keeps growing against Donald Trump, the 45th democratically elected POTUS strong with a parliamentary majority unseen for decades and sworn in office just 10 days ago. In fact, the anti-Trump movement would not be as strong or massive as the description that’s generally being made of it.

So far, people who have met with Trump at the White House, some of them were active supporters of Hillary Clinton, said they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their meeting with the new President. Similarly, on the ground, anti-Trump mobilization is ongoing mainly because it is well organized and sufficiently funded.

Indeed, a fine connoisseur of America told Cyceon that the average American worker doesn’t really have the time to demonstrate and has to work for a living. Finally, data collected on the ground do show that a majority of Americans supports the first decisions taken by the Trump administration, confirming surveys which were grossly discarded.