« Resist » is actually making Donald Trump stronger

Called extremist, excessive and uncontrollable, President Donald Trump has well understood how much he can win politically by simply waiting while continuing his shock policies.

Indeed, the US press media headlines like “malevolence tempered by incompetence”, “Purposeful, vindictive chaos” or “(he) might not last four years” actually provide the Trump team with enough ammunition to ask the following question: “who in the end is really extremist, excessive and uncontrollable?”

The same causes producing the same effects, Cyceon assessed that the excess of opposition will likely strengthen Trump more than it will weaken him the same way as it happened when he won back in November. Finally, prominent experimented people like Mike Pence, James Mattis, Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry, Dan Coats, John Kelly and others have joined the Trump team and have been confirmed with large majorities in the Senate.

With same tactics and probably a same result, the anti-Trump movement that failed in November 2016 is therefore reiterating with a same strategy in January 2017. At the White House, advisors are counting the points, smiling, and noted that a majority of the Americans – the same who didn’t appear in the polls throughout 2016 – are increasingly exasperated by the “disturbing and systematic” protest.