At Tesla, atmosphere might well turn electric

The cars are pretty, CEO Elon Musk is brilliant and the projects are staggering. But where are the good results? more and more investors in Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) that has just become Tesla Inc. keep asking.

After the “successful” merger with SolarCity which was simply not profitable, Tesla is still struggling to maintain a satisfactory pace for its deliveries but worse its already modest sales in comparison with its stock market valuation allegedly weakened. According to the Inside EVs website, Tesla sold only 1,650 vehicles in January 2017 compared with 9,725 in December 2016.

The context would be all the more difficult as major US manufacturers such as General Motors (GM) are running big marketing operations to sell their own electric vehicles like the Bolt model of which 1,162 copies were sold in January 2017 although available in only two US States.

Yet all this doesn’t seem to undermine the enthusiasm of the financial markets since Tesla is still worth a total 40.36 billion dollars on the stock exchange or 504,500 dollars per vehicle produced according to the 2016 annual target of 80,000 units.