Massive repatriation of German gold feeds rumors

A large amount of gold bars worth a total around USD 13 billion has been repatriated from New York to Frankfurt. According to the New York Federal Reserve, 642 tons have been sent back to Germany since 2013 and another 100 ton shipment from Paris to Frankfurt is said to be planned. According to official sources, all that German gold was stored abroad for fear of a Soviet invasion and it was about time for repatriation.

However the news raised questions considering that the Soviet Union vanished 26 years ago and that NATO is currently sending more military forces to Eastern Europe with a view to countering what it assessed as a “rising threat” on behalf of Russia. Unverified sources speculated that Germany could be preparing for Gerxit, Germany’s exit from the euro area (and from the European Union) in case of a quick and severe deterioration of Italy’s (and France’s) financial situation.

Upcoming elections and the related political risk would be the main reason behind it. According to sources whose statements couldn’t be verified by Cyceon, “Germany is said to have a plan and to be coordinating the whole thing with the cooperation of the United States. This could have been part of the recent meeting between Vice-President Mike Pence and his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel.”