Too friendly with “Russians”, Michael Flynn resigned

US Army Lieutenant-General (ret.) and former Director of US Military Intelligence (DIA) Michael T. Flynn has resigned from the crucial position of National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump.

After only three weeks in office, Flynn left for not properly informing Vice President Mike Pence that he had tackled the sensitive topic of US sanctions against Russia in his controversial interactions with the Russian Ambassador in Washington DC, prior to the arrival of the new Trump administration at the White House.

Flynn, who hopes to be cleared by the FBI, was a major asset in Donald Trump’s election campaign, convincing many military and intelligence community people who are pushing for the hard line approach against terrorist networks to support him.

A Democrat and a stalwart supporter of “American exceptionalism,” Flynn may have also paid the price of stiff competition allegedly from Republican neo-conservatives concerned by his sharp stances on the Middle East and which could have offended countries whose trade with the United States greatly participates in the prosperity of the national military industry. Finally, Russia might have lost there its most senior channel to the Trump administration.