Is US Intelligence working against Donald Trump?

While several senior US intelligence officials have previously disagreed with the new President Donald Trump, they are not representative of the entire community. Most of them were promoted during the two mandates of Barack Obama and many are therefore politically distant from Trump.

Considering the global context, it is difficult for them to brag about it, Trump’s supporters recalled. Finally, the intelligence community does not have to “agree or disagree with a policy”, since it is an oath-taking community under the direct authority of the President of the United States.

It is therefore not shocking that Trump wants to regain control of it in order to implement the policies for which he was democratically elected, as civilian control over military and/or intelligence structures remain a foundation of democracy. Repeated leaks with a view to undermining Trump’s authority constitute a federal crime, as much as they would have been under any other President.

It is in this way that Trump seems to be seeking a response by activating the judicial powers at his disposal. A Station Chief with the CIA under Obama and even if he disagreed with Obama’s policies especially the “Reset” with Russia, Republican Scott Uehlinger has always done his job without letting his opinions interfere with the missions he was responsible for.

In November 2016, a significant majority of the US intelligence and military personnel voted in favor of Donald Trump or abstained, and therefore did not vote for Hillary Clinton.