Merkel toughens her stances, seeks to catch up Schultz

“The world has changed dramatically. We have no fixed international order,” explained German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the beginning of her speech at the 53rd Munich Security Conference. After the Brexit referendum, Merkel said, the EU has been going through a very difficult phase and there is much not to be satisfied with.

On security and global issues, Merkel firmly reaffirmed “that joint action strengthens everyone,” and that “only together can we overcome the (asymmetric) threats” like Islamist terrorism. Merkel also said she would “not stop promoting a good relationship (with) Russia” in spite of economic sanctions still being enforced by Europe and the United States.

On economic issues, the common market must prove its value, and that means: jobs, competitiveness, success for people” stressed Merkel. Cyceon noticed an inflection of Merkel’s stances in the context of a tougher political fight ahead with her social-democrat opponent Martin Schultz for the general elections to take place in November 2017.

Indeed, Merkel now speaks openly about “Islamist terrorism” and strongly tackles the necessary prosperity for all that the EU – and the Eurozone – apparently failed to build so far. As Schultz is unexpectedly and quickly rising in the polls, the reelection of Merkel for a fourth mandate is becoming increasingly uncertain.