France could fall into a major political crisis

Former Prime Minister and Les Républicains (LR)’s nominee for the upcoming French presidential election, François Fillon gave today a speech that could be significant for France’s political near future.

Accused with his wife Penelope of fictitious employment when he was a Député and a Senator, Fillon said that “I am not a litigant like the others, it can be seen from the simple choice of this date of March 15, 2017, two days before the closure of sponsorship, fully calculated to prevent me from being a candidate for the presidential election, and, furthermore, to prevent the right and center from having such a candidate.”

François Fillon believes that the incumbent left-wing majority would be actively involved in preventing his candidacy, thus depriving the LR of a likely victory when the present majority is gravely weakened to such an extent that the outgoing socialist President Francois Hollande doesn’t stand for a second term.

On behalf of a former Prime Minister, this accusation could have profound consequences on the already diminished confidence of French citizens in the political and judicial institutions of their country. In addition to François Fillon, some analysts added that Front National (FN)’s nominee Marine Le Pen would also be targeted by similar maneuvers while her chances of winning currently are at a high and unprecedented level.

Finally, the overwhelming media presence of Emmanuel Macron of the left-wing party En Marche (EM) – almost as much as all the other candidates altogether – also makes France’s most objective analysts doubt about this presidential election decidedly like no other.

Other sources are also concerned about the lack of proposals on national security and the fight against terrorism in Macron’s program while the threat is at its peak. Considering what’s at stake, not only a victory of Marine Le Pen is not impossible, but France seems ineluctably heading towards a major political crisis.