Now less lethal, the terrorist threat increases however

The terrorist attack in London showed that the threat didn’t soften; on the contrary, it is to be feared that it has developed more exponentially than arithmetically. Reinforced in numbers by multiple potential, casual and opportunistic operatives, the commission of the terrorist offense is increasingly difficult to prevent.

Two major factors contribute to this worrying environment. First and despite their determination, the agencies in charge of National Security lack both analysts and operational staff against the significant increase in hostile individuals likely and / or able to commit a terrorist act.

It is the tactic of overflowing fostered by the comeback “home” of the “revenants” from the Syria / Iraq area and by the infiltration of hostile operatives among the incoming flows of “migrants”.

Secondly, the multiplication of the means with a view to combating terrorism has been somehow limited by a legal bottleneck, which seems to sometimes lead to the involuntary reduction of potentially initially terrorist-type qualifications finally treated as “psychological disorder”.

Considering the seriousness of the terrorist threat, it seems that political leaders have not yet fully grasped its capacity to kill, destabilize and distress citizens. This is the very purpose of conflagration.