With the “Cabinet Noir”, France is starting a political crisis

Rarely has French politics been so acrimonious now that former right-wing Prime Minister François Fillon has accused left-wing President François Hollande of running a “cabinet noir” designed to allegedly know everything about his political opponents, especially in judicial matters.

Recently, Cyceon’s founder wrote about the risk of a political crisis in France and confirmed today such a possibility. In recent days, baseless accusations, excessive pressures and off-limits maneuvers have targeted the French right in particular and the pro-Benoit Hamon and pro-Jean-Luc Mélenchon left in part.

With press articles, untimely breakdowns of Internet sites, television shows allegedly denouncing “fake news”, e-mails requiring the withdrawal of articles and the unveiling of sources, France’s Freedom of speech has been increasingly under attack in a well-planned and organized way.

Every day brings a new gratuitous accusation, every day brings a new revelation with a view to preventing political changeover, many militants from all sides of France’s political spectrum said.

The political crisis in France is therefore more likely as Cyceon identified that exasperation is crystallizing into a broad coalition of right-wing and left-wing activists, all of whom denouncing the disturbing activity of a minority with significant means that, they said, seeks to deprive France of a real democratic debate and a regular presidential election.

Far from any conspiracy theory, such anxiety can easily be verified and transcends the usual political lines. Like the Titanic in the past, France seems to be inevitably heading towards a political crisis while presently seeing just the tip of it.

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