Hollande allegedly considerably deteriorated the state of the French Military

Cyceon had already insisted in previous articles on the illogical situation of seeing Europe reduce its military capabilities – or at least not make it a priority – when the whole world, from the United States to China, quickly and strongly rearmed.

While the terrorist threat has increased significantly and the international situation has grown generally bad, “the situation of the French Military in the last five years has deteriorated considerably to the point of being in a state of implosion,” wrote the Association of Support to the French Army (ASAF) in its newsletter of April 2017.

As France continues to wage the war against terrorism on several fronts, the socialist President François Hollande is said to have halved the operational contracts and reduced the share of GDP devoted to national defense (excluding pensions) from 1.6% in 2012 to 1.4% in 2019.

In these conditions, the ASAF believes that the resources allocated to the Armed Forces are “very insufficientwith a view to achieving the many missions essential to the security of France and its European neighbors.