In relations with Erdogan, Europe can’t count on either Trump or Putin

After his short victory in the referendum on 18 constitutional amendments to the Turkish political regime that could allow him to preside over Turkey until 2029, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has never seemed stronger in his future interactions with Europe.

Especially after the threats that Erdogan has made against Europe following the banning of several rallies held in support of the “yes” to the referendum, Europe finds itself quite alone. In the West, US President Donald Trump congratulated Erdogan on his victory and thanked him for his support of the US military operations in the Middle East.

In the East, the same echo came from Vladimir Putin who also congratulated his Turkish counterpart and called for maintaining personal contact in order to further develop Russian-Turkish relations.

Almost petrified against Erdogan and fearing that he could break the agreement that could send several million more “migrants” to Europe, Brussels shouldn’t count on any solidarity either from Washington or from Moscow on this matter.