Macron shows off with Le Drian and forgets about their awful security record

In Nantes, the candidate Emmanuel Macron, now the obvious successor to the socialist President François Hollande, held a meeting with Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s Defense Minister and among the most important personalities of the last five-year term.

At his side, Emmanuel Macron wanted to say how much he attaches importance to the fight against terrorism. “The mission of a head of State is to ensure your security and I am ready for this primary mission,” affirmed the politics beginner who’s never been elected ever.

Describing as “infamous” the words said by Marine Le Pen the day before as she believed that “if she had been President, the terrorist attacks at the Bataclan or in Nice would have not taken place”, Macron managed the exceptional intellectual feat of not tackling the awful record of Hollande of whom he has been a top advisor and then Economy Minister for four years and three months.

Yet 240 innocent people were killed, thousands were wounded and the terrorist threat has grown higher than ever before. With victims and record voluntarily forgotten, Macron seems En Marche towards so-called democratic victory.

(1) Scandalized by the absence of any questioning and sincere attention paid to the victims, Cyceon exceptionally expressed an opinion as it is difficult to remain objective in front of such a spectacle. A minimum of humility should have been the norm after such murderous terrorist attacks.