France’s Les Républicains (LR) must learn to fight for real or dissolve

The most serious issue of the French right and center is twofold. It is first of all their suicidal politeness that makes them almost thank when they are insulted or when they even help their worst opponent to become the next President. It is then to have scruples when their political opponents, first among them Francois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron, never have ones.

Considering the questionable democratic nature of France’s 2017 presidential election, Les Républicains (LR) voters – François Fillon’s – started online petitions. How cute … but is politics really similar to the end of Catholic Mass at Versailles on a sunny Sunday in spring? Unfortunately, it is not tomorrow that the right will play on equal terms against a political opponent who doesn’t make any gift and stops at nothing to win.

Before the second round, huge demonstrations should have invaded the streets, made giant sit-ins, prevented France from functioning until the accusations of “Cabinet noir” could be cleared up and then lifted or judged. In the end, France’s right and center wings confounded politics with a school-like friendship celebration where one politely asks for his direction.

It is not by being weak that one avoids the strong, quite the contrary. The day Les Républicains (LR) will have understood this, they will finally be a true political winning force and not a simple friendly association of polite losers. Politeness is great for lunch at your grandmother’s house but politics is war!

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