If Emmanuel Macron gets elected, France risks a deep political crisis

Never has a French presidential election been so much questioned by voters. Although no formal investigation has been ordered yet, the data shows that many French people are dissatisfied with the way the election campaign was conducted.

Several major facts participate to this political crisis which is developing behind the scenes and which should explode sooner or later, even more so if Emmanuel Macron, who was anonymous three years ago and has never been elected in any capacity before, becomes President of the French Republic as if by magic.

The combination of the campaign of 99% of the media yet subsidized by 100% of the French and the “unconditional” support from the government in favor of Emmanuel Macron aroused a deep disgust among the voters whom a significant part thinks that his victory would therefore hardly be legitimate.

“The current political climate in France where we are almost intimated to vote for a single candidate chosen by the Socialist government could receive a same criticism made towards other countries,” an angry voter wrote to Cyceon. So make no mistake about it, rarely the mistrust of French citizens regarding their government, their political leaders and their institutions has been so strong.

If Emmanuel Macron gets elected, he will lack the necessary legitimacy to lead France and will have “won” only thanks to the mobilization of unlimited means, most of them financed by French taxpayers and used through the state apparatus and the so-called “public service” media.

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