In all likelihood, François Fillon has been the target of a successful operation

France’s presidential campaign 2017 was unprecedented in violence and the reality of its democratic character has raised much doubt. Nothing, apart from direct physical violence, was spared to the right on which Emmanuel Macron and En Marche (EM) backed by 99% of the media and by “unconditional” support from the government never held back their blows.

If former Prime Minister François Fillon, the candidate of the right and center for Les Républicains (LR), made mistakes and was therefore partly responsible for his defeat, the latter would probably have been a victory had he not been politically “assassinated”. Indeed, for a professional analyst and beyond any political opinion, the willingness to harm François Fillon was blatant.

The uninterrupted batch of revelations, of which a large part has remained unverifiable added to the illegal dissemination of judicial information, were probably the result of an intelligible and sequenced Information Operation (IO).

In other words, little or nothing of what was brought to the public’s attention was really spontaneous but probably organized and planned with a specific goal in mind, namely to remove François Fillon from the second round to the advantage of Emmanuel Macron.

The nodal point of this operation was both to attack the candidate of the right and the center while habituating the voters to a presumed pre-established result through repetitive polls whose results could never be corroborated with boots on the ground.

This way, and by announcing that Emmanuel Macron would score around 24% of the votes and that François Fillon would be eliminated, voters would not contest the results when announced at 8 pm on April 23, 2017. A week after that day, one can assume that the operation has been a complete success, reinforced by the inexplicable absence of contestation on the part of Les Républicains (LR).

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