The United States will toughen its stance on North Korea and Iran

HR McMaster, National Security Adviser to US President Donald Trump, provided valuable insight into the near future of US military and foreign policies. On the occasion of his invitation to the TV show Fox News Sunday, McMaster explained that the United States is ready to consider the military option against North Korea (DPRK) if it persists in its threats.

Whether Pyongyang’s next test is about a ballistic missile or an atomic bomb, it constitutes a same threat according to McMaster, as it is part of North Korea’s increasing ability to attack America or its allies. Pyongyang is also an issue for China, he insisted.

As for Iran, even if the United Nations believes it fulfills its obligations in accordance with the international agreement – the “Nuclear Deal” – signed in July 2015, McMaster believes Tehran continues to actively support terrorist groups. Therefore, “the United States and its allies would have a same interest in sanctioning Iran,” said McMaster, just enough words that sounded like a clear warning to European companies doing business in Iran.