Very humble pro-Macron youth compare their candidate to Kennedy

According to US-funded Voice of America (VOA) news agency, Emmanuel Macron’s young partisans compared him to John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States who suffered a tragic end in 1963.

In fact, only age could hold a comparison between 39-year-old Macron and 44-year-old Kennedy because for everything else, the two characters couldn’t be more incomparable.

In addition to being considered by General de Gaulle himself as a “brilliant politician”, Kennedy had been successively a Representative for 6 years and then a Senator for almost 8 years that is 14 years of political life.

Emmanuel Macron never ran for any office and chose, in all modesty, the presidential election for his first elected political experience. John F. Kennedy and Emmanuel Macron couldn’t therefore be more incomparable.

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