François Baroin and Les Républicains (LR) must evolve or disappear

François Baroin is actively seeking to become the Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron, the so-called “savior of democracy” and the new French President who’s been elected even before the second round. It is therefore with the hope of a victory in the legislative elections that François Baroin is committed to defending and implementing the political program of the French right and center.

Even if after the defeat in the presidential election, such a hypothesis seems very optimistic – more in any case with Emmanuel Macron as President than with Marine Le Pen according to the usual electoral logic, Baroin has hardly any other choice than to carry out such struggle. However, such a project is doomed to failure if Les Républicains (LR) do not realize the deep dissatisfaction inside their ranks.

Worse, the misunderstanding is growing as ostentatious support for Emmanuel Macron is increasing from Jean-Pierre Raffarin to Christian Estrosi. Like Laurent Wauquiez, LR voters and activists are clearly on the right when their “leaders” are at the center. If the latter do not line up very quickly and sustainably on the former then Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan will logically end up embodying the opposition against Emmanuel Macron’s majority.

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