Is Emmanuel Macron the leader of a new totalitarianism?

The views expressed below are solely those of the author.

Jacques Dubuisson is a former French public servant and is interested in National Security issues.

In a limited number observed on the ground that contradicted his popularity in the ballot boxes, certainly his militants do not parade singing and armed with the banners of a new regime that would last a thousand years. But the injunction made to all French citizens to vote Emmanuel Macron is the fundamental point which suggests that Emmanuel Macron is hardly republican and democratic.

Named by a few individuals and backed by a few interests, this unknown man never who’s never been elected to any office suddenly becomes the “savior of French democracy” and, in order to do so, orders everyone to vote for him, only and obviously for him. As the unique candidate of a Republic, soon to be neither popular nor democratic, even those who fought him yesterday were forced to join him.

From the Medef business union to the Les Républicains (LR) party to the association of Les Maires de France who whistled him to the exhausted policemen of the Alliance union to the Harkis associations, everybody must vote Emmanuel Macron or opt for the suicidal eternal condemnation of being “anti-Republican”.

Doubt is growing among the 81% of French voters, pardon me let me reformulate it, 81% of French voters who make the bulk of “horrible fascist hordes” who did not vote for Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the presidential election in what’s been an unbearable crime against democracy, meaning having the choice.

Compulsory and forced unanimity for the sole Emmanuel Macron is the first step toward totalitarianism, when nobody can vote without risking pressure and blackmail, when millions of citizens vote for an individual because they’ve been told to do so, when State and subsidized propaganda have been fully mobilized behind just one unique candidate.

Sit down and take a moment to ask yourself peacefully: Is this presidential election that anticipated in advance Emmanuel Macron’s victory really democratic and Republican?

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