Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, disagreements for cooperation

By welcoming his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at Versailles, French President Emmanuel Macron has somehow extended his hand to Russia.

Considering that Versailles was a prestigious place from which the royal power of a France was exercised, notably as the world’s leading power during the reign of Louis XIV, Macron probably sought to indicate that Paris treats as equal with Moscow and subscribed to analysis that indicates that France has little reason to blush against Russia.

In fact, Macron was inspired by Putin by blowing hot and cold, sometimes by inviting “to work together”, sometimes by denouncing the “interference” of two Kremlin-funded media.

On both Syria and Ukraine, Macron wished to start a demanding dialogue claiming “we have told ourselves everything” and tried to put France back in the Middle East by stating that “any use of chemical weapons – by whoever – will be the subject of reprisals and an immediate response, at least on behalf of the French.”

Macron therefore opted for a tough dialogue something which Putin understands and that one hopes will improve French-Russian relations.

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