Former PM Manuel Valls talks tough on the French left

Manuel Valls, who has been France’s Prime Minister till December 2016, voiced his concern that parts of the French leftwing politics – particularly the most leftist part of it led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his party Les Insoumis – may compromise itself with political Islam, if not Islamists. A former member of the French Socialist Party, Valls has voted for Emmanuel Macron as soon as the first round of May 2017 presidential election despite one of his fellow socialist Benoit Hamon also running for France’s top job. Criticized by his former peers as a “rightist on the left”, Valls described the terrorist situation in France as “a war” at several occasions and urged for tough measures against Islamist extremists and antisemitism. Narrowly reelected as a MP days ago, Valls is poised to join Macron’s group La République En Marche (REM) at the National Assembly.