Before G20, Emmanuel Macron urges for more multilateralism

After meeting in Paris (France) with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, President Emmanuel Macron called for more multilateralism in opposition to nationalism.

Underlining Africa’s large needs in many areas and praising the latest “Alliance for Sahel”, Macron said that beyond security and migration issues, “one must not forget that all this results from a lack of education, development and durable investment.” Macron also confirmed Climate Change is his top priority as he repeated that only a multilateral approach can effectively tackle such an issue that concerns everybody.

It’s “the best way to avoid national egotisms, nationalism, gaps, and in fine wars and dislocation.” Although many French people agree that Climate Change is an important issue, some may interpret Macron’s interest in it by his limited ability to act on other issues deemed “top priorities” by most of his fellow countrymen particularly mass unemployment and ever-growing influx of migrants entering Europe.

Summing up, a green economy is better when you have jobs.

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