The first Trump-Putin meeting unleashes the Internet

Rarely has a handshake sparked so many comments. Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met for the first time within the framework of the G20 summit in Hamburg (Germany). After a first handshake, the two leaders discussed one-on-one at a meeting deemed “very good” and in the presence of their respective foreign minister.

This comes at a time of great tension between the US and Russia both from a geopolitical viewpoint – in Syria and Ukraine – and from a political viewpoint – with accusations of Russian interference in the US presidential election 2016 presumably in favor of Trump. Many Internet users expressed their “disgust” while noticing the cordiality of the first interactions between Trump and Putin.

Yet, more and more members or former members of the US intelligence community express their doubts. News reports that some time ago announced that all 17 intelligence agencies shared a same assessment regarding the Russian interference would be about to be denied for spreading inaccurate if not false information. Also, several CNN journalists resigned after publishing an article containing similar false facts.

If there is no doubt about the reality of Russian foreign espionage, the same is true about other foreign powers, many intelligence analysts doubt that any country could influence a US presidential election up to the point of deciding who wins. Finally, let’s remind that 98% of the US and international media were stalwart supporters of Hillary Clinton.

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