The migratory crisis is likely to overwhelm Europe

During his visit to Calais, French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb acknowledged that “it is urgent to review and perhaps transform this right of asylum, so as to reduce delays, while controlling migratory flows and taking into account the human aspect.” Also, Collomb added, “President (Emmanuel Macron) asked to propose to him, we will say, within 15 days, a plan that would allow us to deal with the issue of asylum more easily than today.”

15 days later, this plan has not yet been communicated to the public and therefore appears to be for the French presidency’s eyes only, unless the deadline proved too early. Yet there is a great urgency to deal with the migratory crisis effectively, rather than with very insufficient means and according to momentary acute situations. Calais, where official visits and announcements have multiplied for years, is still experiencing a difficult situation.

The influx of migrants entering Europe is becoming denser and larger, and even philanthropist Bill Gates worries that Europe may be completely overwhelmed. The 34th evacuation of a camp of “migrants” on July 7, 2017 in northern Paris confirmed an emergency treatment neither upstream nor planned of the situation, and again asked these two questions: “Where are the Women and children? Where are the war refugees?”

As with extremism that fuels terrorism, the long-term consequences of wilfull blindness on the migratory crisis will be significant for Europe and its stability.

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