Tying climate and terrorism, Emmanuel Macron sparks debate

In explaining at the G20 summit in Hamburg (Germany) that “everything is related” regarding terrorism, French President Emmanuel Macron has sparked a lively debate.

While announcing that he would host a summit on the fight against global warming on December 12, 2017, two years after the signing of the Paris agreement, Emmanuel Macron said that “one cannot claim to fight effectively against terrorism if one does not have a resolute action against global warming.”

If such an amalgam between terrorism and global warming is not entirely meaningless, it leaves a doubtful majority of analysts who believe that global warming contributes only marginally by causing displacement of population. However, they argue, the root causes – including the global spread of an extremist ideology – are more decisive in the growth of terrorism than any single climate phenomenon.

Summing up, Emmanuel Macron could reduce global warming to zero tomorrow that terrorism would still be as dangerous and lively.

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