Donald Trump seeks to bounce back with Mosul

“At least with Donald Trump, things are happening and the Islamic State (ISIS) is coming to an end,” one can hear in circles close to the Trump administration in Washington DC.

President Donald Trump, entangled in accusations regarding allegedly good relations with “the Russians” and about which an increasing number of former and current members of the US Intelligence Community (IC) express doubts, would count on the recapture of Mosul (Iraq) to show the US public opinion what would mainly differentiate him from his predecessor Barack Obama.

One of Trump’s first presidential orders was to increase the capacity and staffing of “special elements” engaged in the fight against ISIS. “And it has produced results already,” White House people are saying since the Iraqi military has just announced the reclamation of Mosul, a stronghold from which Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (1) announced the “new caliphate” in the Great Al-Nouri Mosque in June-July 2014.

(1) The Russian government affirmed it has likely killed him in a recent bombing on May 28, 2017 near Raqqa (Syria).

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